The Faculty of Humanities (FHW) was founded in 1993, but looks back on a history dating back to 1953. Measured by the number of over 3500 students, it is one of the largest faculties at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. With its subjects, the Faculty of Humanities analyzes important developments in democratic society and all its forms of expression. In doing so, it provides impulses and advice to the political, social, educational and economic institutions of the state. The special feature of the faculty is its heterogeneity and diversity of perspectives. It uses the canon of subjects in the human sciences to promote complex systems and people in their ability to learn. On the basis of their interdisciplinary identity, the subjects establish links in research and teaching to the university's profile focus areas.

The Faculty Council is the central decision-making committee of the faculty and is made up of professorial representatives and representatives from the group of academic and non-academic staff as well as the student body.

The Student Council is responsible for all students' concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us.

The department comprises the areas of vocational education and human resources development and pedagogy.

The department comprises the areas of History, Political Science and Sociology.

The department comprises the four areas Anglophone Studies, German Studies, Philosophy and Sports Science.

Distinctive features of the faculty are its diversity and multiplicity of perspectives.

Here you can find general information on application procedures at the faculty.

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