Department II: Social Sciences

The department comprises the areas of History, Political Science and Sociology. Social Sciences can be studied at the department as a major or minor subject on either a Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts programme. In addition, the department offers interdisciplinary programmes in European Studies (BA and MA) and Peace and Conflict Studies (MA). The relevant sub-pages have information about the chairs, the range of study programmes, research projects and publications.

Department Management

Department Head/Spokesperson
Prof. Dr. Michael Böcher +49 391 67-56585
Department Head Prof. Dr. Jan Delhey +49 391 67-56692
Department Head
Prof. Dr. Stephan Freund +49 391 67-56614
Secretariat Sociology Manuela Fuhrmann-Herzberg
+49 391 67-56537
Secretariat Political Science Birgit Conrad +49 391 67-56572
Secretariat History Yvonne Haensch +49 391 67-56677
Economy Iris Hampel +49 391 67-56584

Chairs of Sociology

Chairs of Political Science

Chairs of History

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