Department I: Education, Vocation and Media

The department comprises areas of vocational education and human resources development and pedagogy. The relevant sub-pages have information about the chairs, the range of study programs, research projects and publications.

Department Management

RoleNameE-Mail Address
Department Spokesperson
Prof. Dr. Robert Jahn +49 391 67-56936
Secretariat Vocational Education & Human Resources Development
Claudia Bieder +49 391 67-56625
Secretariat Business Didactics
Solveig Dambrowski +49 391 67-56623
Secretariat Educational Science
Caroline Matthäus +49 391 67-56940
Secretariat Pedagogy and Media Education
Michaela Graf +49 391 67-56950
Economy Kristin Winkler +49 391 67-56637

Chairs of Vocational Education and Human Resources Development

Chairs of Educational Science

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