Board of Examiners for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees*

Chair  Prof. Dr. Michael Böcher| Deputies Prof. Dr. Michael DickProf. Dr. Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser

Scientific mid-level member: Dr. Torsten Winkler

Student member: Sven Andreae (Repräsentant der Studierendenschaft)

Professoral deputy member: Prof. Andreas Zopff | Prof. Norbert Kössinger | Jun.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Börner

Scientific mid-level deputy member: Dr. Sandra Tiefel & Morgane Desoutter

Student deputy member: Jeremy Meier und Antje Muth

Meeting dates WiSe 23/24: 11th of October 2023, 8th of November, 13th of December 2023, 17th of January 2024.

Applications to the Examination Board must be submitted immediately without culpable delay to the responsible staff member in the Examination Office. (Informal) applications must state your request, your matriculation number, your course of study and your full name. Appropriate documents demonstrating proof must be submitted no later than 14 days ahead of the upcoming meeting date, as (otherwise) decisions will be made on the basis of present documents. 

*BA/MA Educational Studies, BA Cultural Engineering, BA/MA German Studies with Interdisciplinary Profile, BA Cultural Studies, Knowledge Management, Logistics: Cultural Engineering (expiring), BA/MA Media Education: Audiovisual Culture and Communication, MA International Vocational Education (expiring), BA/MA European Studies, BA/MA Social Sciences, MA Peace and Conflict Studies, BA/MA Sport Science, BA/MA Sport and Technology, MA International Performance Analysis of Sport, MA Operational Vocational Education and Training Management, BA/MA Philosophy-Cognition-Neuroscience, BA Vocational Education, BA Career and Education, BA Teacher Education-Vocational, MA Teacher Education at Vocational Schools, MA Teacher Education at Secondary Schools, MA Teacher Education at Gymnasiums, MA English Cultural Studies ( expiring), MA European Cultural Studies (expiring).


Board of Examiners for Continuing Education Courses

Chair Prof. Dr. Olaf Dörner | Deputy Prof. Dr.  Johannes Fromme
Other members and extended panel Prof. Dr. Michael Dick | Dr. Christoph Damm
Student Representative Sarah Weiß

Board of Examiners for Knowledge Development and Quality Improvement

Chair Prof. Dr. Michael Dick | Deputy Prof. Dr. Bernt-Peter Robra
Other members and extended panel Prof. Dr. Winfried Walther | Dr. Sandra Tiefel
Student Representative N.N.

Doctoral Committee

Prof. Dr. Frank Bünning
Prof. Dr. Astrid Seltrecht
Prof Dr. Alexander Spencer
Prof. Dr. Angelika Bergien
Dr. Tetyana Samostyan
Dr. Evelina Sander
Dr. Ulrike Zeigermann
Josephin Winkler

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