Board of Examiners for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees*

Chair Prof. Dr. Elke Knisel | Deputy Prof. Dr. Michael Böcher
Other members and extended panel
Prof. Dr. Robert W. Jahn | Prof. Dr. Angelika Bergien (deputy)
Dr. Torsten Winkler | Philipp Thiele (deputy)
Student Representative: Philipp Höhle

* Educational Science (Educational Science, Media Literacy), Social Sciences (MA PCS, Sport Science, Sport and Engineering), Cultural Studies (Bachelor and Master German Studies, BA Cultural Engineering, Bachelor and Master PNC, Bachelor and Master European Studies, M.Ed. Teacher Training), Vocational Education (BA Vocation and Education, M.Sc. International Vocational Education)

Board of Examiners for Continuing Education Courses

Chair Prof. Dr. Olaf Dörner | Deputy Prof. Dr.  Johannes Fromme
Other members and extended panel Prof. Dr. Michael Dick | Dr. Christoph Damm (Mittelbau)
Student Representative Sarah Weiß

Board of Examiners for Knowledge Development and Quality Improvement

Chair Prof. Dr. Michael Dick | Deputy Prof. Dr. Bernt-Peter Robra
Other members and extended panel Prof. Dr. Winfried Walther | Dr. Sandra Tiefel
Student Representative N.N.

Doctoral Committee

Prof. Dr. Frank Bünning
Prof. Dr. Astrid Seltrecht
Prof Dr. Alexander Spencer
Prof. Dr. Angelika Bergien
Dr. Tetyana Samostyan
Dr. Evelina Sander
Dr. Ulrike Zeigermann
Josephin Winkler

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