The distinctive feature of the Faculty of Humanities is its diverse nature and variety of perspectives, which are represented by three departments and nine subject areas. Traditionally, the research activities are assigned to professorships and chairs, both as projects financed from the university's budget and those financed by third-party funding; in addition, there are thematically focused, interdisciplinary cooperations between the institutes. The research activities of the FHW are documented in the annual research report as well as the Saxony-Anhalt Research Portal.

In parallel to this, two research partnerships have been formed: The Center for Social World Research and Method Development (ZSM) and the Center for Transformation Research (ZTF). Both the ZSM and the ZTF have a long tradition stretching back to the 1990s that has been developed and supported by individual university lecturers. In 2011 it was possible to establish these two centers as institutions within the faculty, which also provides support for research projects.

The FHW believes that the freedom of research and teaching, that has been hard won historically, has been enshrined in the constitution and must be renewed regularly, is central to the university’s development. Through their disciplinary identity, the FHW's subjects establish links to the Otto-von-Guericke-University’s profile priorities of Engineering, Medicine and Economics in terms of research and teaching.

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