The Faculty of Humanities is the academic home to the social, cultural and educational sciences at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg.

In this connection, human beings are central, both as individuals and in collective terms, as well as in their social, cognitive, emotional and psychological relationships to their social reality, which in turn unfolds in the political context.

In connection with the future demands on a society in constant flux, education, and the acquisition of qualifications and skills, are coming ever more sharply into focus, the more so as they remain with a person throughout their life.

To this end, the development of meaningful analytical methods and scientifically substantiated concepts, such as for dealing with modern electronic media, are just as essential as interdisciplinary connections between research projects and study programmes with the engineering and scientific disciplines at Otto von Guericke University.

With its interdisciplinary range of subjects and academic expertise, the Faculty of Humanities is perfectly equipped to meet these challenges.

Study programmes begin in the winter semester each year. In the case of Master's programmes, it is possible to enrol both in the summer and the winter semester. More information for potential students is available from the University’s website.

For applications, please visit the relevant course pages, as it is already possible to apply online to some programmes. Where this is not yet the case, the relevant documents must be forwarded to the Campus Service Center:

Campus Service Center


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