Optional Studies Courses at the Faculty

The Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg uses the LSF portal to manage its course offers. Accordingly, you will find all the courses offered at the FHW in the LSF. The portal also has a timetable planning function with which you can compile an overview of the courses you are attending. 

The optional studies courses at the Faculty of Humanities serve to enhance students' competencies.

Notes on course selection:

  • Students at the FHW acquire credits in the optional studies branch free of specialisations. In some degree programmes, courses can only be credited if they are offered outside the student's own degree programme. The respective module handbook or the study and examination regulations regulate whether achievements from one's own study programme can also be credited as optional studies. In case of doubt, the student advisor decides. (Resolution of the Faculty Council from 13.9.2017). In this case, the required number of CPs must be earned in accordance with the respective study and examination regulations. At least two courses must be completed with graded assessments.
  • All courses offered by lecturers of the FHW are open for the optional area. The respective lecturer decides on admission. The possible total number of participants, the character of the course (e.g. introduction or special seminar) and the prerequisites of the respective student applicant must be taken into account. A sample list can be found here. At the same time, courses from the module catalogue "Key Competencies" can also be credited.
  • Courses offered by the Language Centre can also be credited according to the respective study and examination regulations. Only one language can be chosen. A UNIcert level must be completed for credit, other degrees or partial degrees are not recognised. In addition, a maximum of two speech science courses with 2 CP each can be recognised as optional studies courses.
  • Courses from other faculties are partially creditable. You can find a list of creditable courses in the list of courses offered for the Bachelor's degree from the non-technical electives of other faculties.

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