Quality Assurance

Ensuring and developing the quality of studies and teaching is the task of the Dean of Studies Office. The Dean of Studies Office is part of the Dean's Office and deals with academic teaching in the faculty. For the purpose of quality assurance and development, the focus of the Dean of Studies Office is on the support and monitoring of quality processes within the framework of system accreditation by the Faculty Quality Officer (FQB) as well as communication and exchange with students.

The Dean of Studies presides over the Dean of Studies Office. She is also the chairperson of the Faculty Commission for Studies and Teaching and a member of the Commission for Studies and Teaching of the OVGU. She is supported by Student Affairs Officer and the Faculty Quality Officer.

This homepage is aimed at everyone who is interested in the organisation and quality development of studies and teaching at the FHW and who participates or wants to participate. You will find information and processes on the organisation of studying and teaching on this page. Aspects and instruments for system accreditation can be found under Quality Development in Studies and Teaching.

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