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Mission Statement

An active civil society is shaped by cultural diversity and personal freedom, it enables critical discourse, social participation, individual development and mutual accountability. Technology, industry and society can only flourish fruitfully and sustainably by drawing upon one another.

The requirements and processes of behaviour and cognition are a key area of interest for the Faculty of Humanities (FHW). Through the subjects it offers, it examines relevant trends, crises and developments in a democratic society and their forms of expression. The FHW provides impetus and advice for the political, social, educational and industrial institutions of the region.

Distinctive features of the FHW are its diversity and multiplicity of perspectives. It uses the range of the humanities' subjects to support the learning capability of complex systems and people. It generates and conveys analytical and practical knowledge and understanding of causes, pathways, conditions and consequences of cultural, institutional and subjective transformation processes. It is concerned with shaping the cultural space and with systematic behaviour management.

The FHW believes that the freedom of research and teaching, that has been hard won historically, has been enshrined in the constitution and must be renewed regularly, is central to the university’s development. Through their disciplinary identity, the FHW's subjects establish links to the Otto-von-Guericke-University’s profile priorities of Engineering, Medicine and Economics in terms of research and teaching.

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