Officers and helping Hands

The staff in the FHW and the student representatives on the Faculty Council wish you every success with your studies! Sometimes success can only be achieved if we manage to overcome difficulties and obstacles along the way. At times studying is influenced by events in our lives, which might limit, obstruct or even completely bring to a standstill our ability to work. These include unpleasant events such as our own physical or mental limitations or illnesses, but also pleasant ones, such as starting a family.

Such upheavals and lasting restrictions are neither rare nor unusual - and we want to react to this and help you overcome them. Admittedly this will also necessitate you building up your own networks, organizing teamwork, articulating difficulties and accepting support.


FHW Equality Officer

Alba María Kugelmeier López

Alba María Kugelmeier López

The Equality Officer has information on specific gender equality measures in the institutions of our faculty and gender-specific support programmes for increasing the proportion of women in the upper echelons of academia, and is also a point of contact if you are discriminated against on the basis of gender in our faculty.




FHW Families Officer

394x480 @ 216,0

Dr. Stefan Brämer

The Families Officer will help you to organise and manage your studies at the same time as overcoming demanding family obligations such as childcare or the care of relatives, and keep you abreast of the relevant rules and, if needed, support measures available from the university from the first semester until your final exams.



Inclusion Contact

Steffi Kaltenborn

Dr. Steffi Kaltenborn

The Inclusion Contact in the FHW will provide you with information on how to complete your studies while dealing with temporary or permanent physical or psychological limitations and about the assistance and special provisions that are available from OVGU in particular health situations.


Officer for Academic Misconduct

300x350 @ 226,0

Prof. Dr. Susanne Peters

The Officer for Academic Misconduct provides information, advice and support for questions concerning academic misconduct. Examples of this include if a person "in a scientifically important context intentionally or negligently makes false declarations, falsely claims ownership of others’ scientific achievements or compromises the research activities of others" (Procedural Rules Concerning Dealing with Academic Misconduct (VerOwF) of the DFG).


Social counselling

Bild Sozialberatung

Social counselling webpage

Help with financial problems or emergencies, chronic diseases, health insurance, study and pregnancy/parenthood, problems of foreign students, student jobs, etc.



Psychosocial Counselling for Students

Bild Psychosoziale Beratung

Psychosocial Counselling webpage

Help with low motivation, feelings of being overwhelmed, difficulties in relationships, exam nerves, worries about the future or other stressful situations.

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